Media Careers

Quirke’s Cast and Crew

This radio series goes through some of the different job roles in television and film.

Actual Job Vacancies

The University of Kent has a whole media careers section with advice about where to look, what your CV should look like and when you should start looking.

The Guardian lists vacancies in media careers from advertising to publishing to radio to digital media. Everything, basically! Have a look at the specific job requirements to help you decide what degrees/qualifications you might need.

Creative and Media Apprenticeships

These go up to higher level. More information can be found here.

Degree Apprenticeships

The BBC lists a lot of apprenticeships and traineeships that go up to degree level. They also have graduate schemes.

ITV also have a degree apprenticeship programme that starts taking applications from Spring 2018.

Digital Marketing Apprenticeships can be found at CareerMap as well.

Notgoingtouni has a page that gives you more information about the types of degree apprenticeship related to the media. Click here.