Genre and Conventions in Film Marketing

Conventions in Film Trailers

Here’s an activity for you to explore the conventions of trailers – keeping revision active!

Here’s a slideshare that takes you through the basics and at the end shows you the conventions of a genre-specific trailer.

Conventions in Film Posters:

There are some very easily identified trends in movie posters. There are a LOT of genres and they all have their own conventions – you need to identify your genre and whether your poster follows conventions or subverts them. Click any of the images here to take you to an article that goes through 18 ideas!

Conventions of film emedia campaigns

Here’s a nice article about the purpose of a film’s emedia campaign.

Here’s a research paper into how social marketing is used in film campaigns (it looks longer than it is).

Generally, films will have a website for the life of the cinema and DVD campaign. A lot films then get moved to the distributor’s website rather than maintaining a separate pages. In terms of social media, look for a Twitter account, hashtag, Facebook page, Instagram account and a YouTube playlist. If a production company has a small budget, they might sacrifice social media because they don’t have the money to either create the materials or have someone plan and deliver the campaign. Some small budget films do use social media a lot, however – perhaps to crowd fund a film or build up hype.