Section B

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What will the questions be?

The questions could be anything, but they WILL be from the topics on this list, so make sure you have covered them:

  • audiences and how they receive and respond to (and create) texts.
  • institutional contexts including:
    • the relationship with the advertising industry
    • the level of independence/corporateness
    • how these contexts influenced the production and content
  • representations available within the texts and how these are constructed and construed
  • semiotic, narrative and generic codes and conventions within the individual texts and across the topic, accounting for similarities and differences
  • features and issues that are relevant to your study such as:
    • synergy
    • intertextuality
    • cross-media promotion
    • public service remit and other obligations
    • censorship and control
    • news and entertainment values
    • the technologies used in the production and reception process