AQA – The Critical Investigation

The unit has two sections:

  1. The Critical Investigation (48 marks)
  2. Linked Production Piece (32 marks)

Candidates will research and produce one critical investigation and one linked production.

Candidates will be required to produce an individual investigation which will be presented as a written report of approximately 2000 words. The 2000 words does not include any supportive material (i.e. image captions, footnotes, references, quotations etc.).

It is intended to provide an in-depth background for the practical production, it should be an investigation or piece of research based upon a clearly focused title and should be textually focused.

Candidates will need to collect and evaluate appropriate evidence and reach coherent conclusions based on that evidence.

It needs to be typed, and include a detailed bibliography that cites both the primary texts (i.e. the texts studied) and secondary sources (i.e. journals, textbooks etc.).

Secondary sources need to be academic and should not include extensive use of blogs, film reviews etc.

Your title and practical production need to be approved by AQA’s coursework adviser.