Albie, Lewis and Liam – Star System

Christine Gledhill and Richard Dyer’s Star Theories

Case Study

Fast and Furious 7

Vin Diesel is definitely the star of the franchise, but it was the story of Paul Walker’s death that meant that a lot of people went to see this film that perhaps wouldn’t have done before. It made more than double in the box office than Fast and Furious 6.

Here’s an interesting article about how the franchise was different in the seventh film.

There were also a lot of articles about how the film was nearly cancelled after the accident, meaning that audiences felt a much more emotional connection with this film.

Central Intelligence

The two stars are definitely used in the promotion of this film. Look at the slogans on the posters, for example.

A lot of the press surrounding the film focussed on the stars that were in it and their relationship on screen. Here’s one example.

Here is a FRANKLY PERFECT article about how this film is a star-driven comedy.


This film is discussed as part of the ‘hip-hop film’ genre (a new one on me). The film featured cameos and starring roles for a lot of hip hop stars. It definitely used this fact in its film promotion.